About Enterprise


JSC GERMANIUM is the modern and high tech Enterprise with longstanding history. The main activity of Enterprise is production of Germanium and its compounds.

There are 3 main production fields at the Enterprise: hydrometallurgical, metallurgical and mechanic processing of Germanium, which makes full production cycle: beginning from raw material and eternal volume and ending by finished production. Laboratory of quality control is checking quality of initial raw material and materials, finished and intermediate production. JSC Germanium produces all kinds production:

  • Germanium tetrachloride;
  • Germanium dioxide of different marks;
  • Germanium polycrystalline zonerefined;
  • Germanium granules;
  • Germanium blanks of different shapes for optical applying;
  • Germanium monocrystalline for other applying;

Our output production is used in radio electronics, infrared optics, by production of fiber-optical communication lines, catalysts on a basis of Ge, compounds for the medical purposes, alloys; as elements for solar batteries, gamma radiation detectors and in laser equipment and solar power engineering.

Production facilities of Enterprise are 20 tons of Ge per year. We export more than 80% of output production to USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, Great Britain, Latvia, Singapore, Rumania, France and other countries. Our Enterprise takes leading position at the Russian market. High grade of production level and quality are confirmed by longtermness cooperation with our costumers and by rewards of our partners and by Ministry of Industry of Russian Federation as "The most dynamic exporter" and "The best Exporter".

Activity of Enterprise is directed to not only output production but also to improving of processing and technology, developing fitting of Enterprise with modern technological and measuring equipment, scientific activity, reducing of negative impact on the environment.

Over 184 people are employed in the enterprise. These people make production and services, taking into account customer's request being guided by their plans in the field of business.

Enterprise is leading by team of talented, strong-willed, purposeful, high quality experts with nonconventional, courageous approach to the solution of technical and organizational tasks.  

We are glad to see you in the name of our partners and we appreciate each of you!