Company Profile


The main activity of Enterprise is Ge production and its components. Production chain consists of 6 technologica stages. On five of which is possible to receive finished production:

  • Decomposition: Germanium tetrachloride making from source raws and reverts;

  • Hydrolysis: it is the process of germanium dioxide receiving in coordination with Germanium tetrachloride with water;

  • Reducing: polycrystalline metallic germanium making;

  • Zone refining: metallurgical refining by multiple recrystallization, zone refined polycrystalline germanium making;

  • Pulling: making of monocrystalline germanium with defined electrophysical and optical specification;

  • Machining: making of different shapes germanium blanks. Machining is made by using of different types of equipment: calibration, shearing, grinding equipment for flat and spherical surfaces, chamfering and irregular shapes machining equipment.


Our enterprise provides services in recycling of customer-owned raw material with the goods production according to all nomenclature. Our company recycle Ge content raw material, which are formed as a result of a production activity of the enterprises of various industries, such as production of optical fiber, solar batteries, light-emitting diodes, infrared optics and others, with the Ge contents from 2%.

We developed the additional processes allowing to carry out Ge recovering from a wide range of co-products of the industry, production waste and products which served the term.

The enterprise makes not only buying of Ge content materials, but also recycдe them into finished production. 

We realize programs of cooperation of our foreign customers within barter and interdependent contracts.

Innovation activity:

Except the current activity, our enterprise realized two scientifically research works within Federal target program such as "Development, recovering and the production organization of strategic, scarce and import-substituting materials and low-tonnage chemistry for arms, military and special equipment for 2009-2011 and for the period till 2015. 

Subjects of works: "Development of industrial techniques of semiconductor Germanium manufacturing for infrared photo electronics and detector Germanium for photo electronics" and "Development of industrial technology of Ge monocrystals growing for the large-size optics working in the infrared range". One of works is continuing the realization in the program of modernization.

Within the frame of State program of the Russian Federation such as "Development of the industry and increase of its competitiveness", the enterprise carries out research and development based on technologies development of dislocation-free Germanium receiving for photo-electric converters and Germanium for infrared optics working in demanding environment. JSC Germanium is the co-contractor in research and development such as" The choice of technological schemes of processing with Ge content of natural raw material". Duration of projects are September and October of 2016.