2. Hydrolysis

Hydrolysis of Germanium Tetrachloride is a final stage of hydrometallurgical cycle of germanium production.

Process is carried out in installations of continuous action. In the hydrolyzer from initial components (high-pure Germanium tetrachloride and deionized water) there is a receiving different types of the dioxide Germany applied for:

  • production of metallic  Germanium;
  • uses as the catalyst under  receiving of  PET-plastic;
  • growing of BGO crystals.

Received kinds of germanium dioxide are differing with structure, the size of grains, solubility, and maintenance of impurity elements depending on application.

Receiving of high-quality Germanium dioxide is connected with increased requirements to purity of working areas, constructional materials, equipment and reagents. These tasks are solved with application of new technologies and also by improvement of classical processes.