3. Recovering

Receiving of polycrystalline Germanium is the result of hydrogen recovering of Germanium dioxide. Process is carried out in graphite boats in tubular furnaces with two temperature zones: zone of recovering and zone of melting. Hydrogen for recovering process is made on the oxyhydrogen generators, which were produced in Italy, by the method of water electrolysis by electric current. In recovering zone, germanium dioxide interacting with H2 then it restoring to metallic Ge. Recovered germanium melts, exposes to the directed crystallization, cools and unloads from the furnace.

The final product of process is polycrystalline germanium ingot. Quality of this ingot is determined by the specific resistance and its distribution by ingot length. 

Received polycrystalline germanium is initial raw material for production of zone-refined polycrystalline germanium.