6. Machining

Machining consists of the following technological operations:

  • calibration of ingots:

Ingots after growing which meant for production of finished goods, for spherical blanks and round plates are calibrated by diameter. During the process of calibration - diameter of ingot is reworking according to the PO's specification of the costumer. Processing of diameter is made on OD machines with intuitive and program control and carried out by diamond grinding wheels of straight section. Surface purity is achieved as Ra 1µm and accurancy till 0.03mm.

  • production of rectangular ingots:

Rectangular ingots are made on the basis of cutting ingots of round cross-section and its polishing according to the customer PO's specification as for finished goods and for the further cutting rectangular plates.

  • drilling

We apply drilling of required diameter from huge germanium ingots for increasing of capacity and decreasing of quantity of the formed wastes in production cycle of Ge ingots production. Process of drilling is fulfilling on the modernized processing centers, which capable to make movements of a table to the destination point in required sequence. Drilled ingots have high geometrical indexes under parameters of a roughness, roundness and cylindricity.

  • cutting

Cutting of round and rectangular blanks and blanks for production of spherical blanks for the customer are manufacturing in the machines of automatic cutting diamond wheels with the internal cutting edge. Such equipment provides cutting of ingots with high capacity, accuracy and small losses. During the process of cutting, the surface purity is achieved as 0,4-0,6 Ra, accuracy cut from 0,025 mm to 0,1 mm, depending on ingot.

  • polishing of polysurfaces

Production of blanks of various forms and in a wide interval of the sizes is carried out on the three and five-axis-controlled machines. Such equipment allow to process blanks of many-sided and round forms, with ledges, radiuses on corners, cuts and chamfer under different corners.

  • polishing of spherical surfaces

Polishing of spherical surfaces consists in processing of flat blanks by the ring diamond tool on the spherical grinding machine with program control. Polishing process consists of cycle of rough and clean finishing. To make such process, our spherical grinding machines are mounted with two tool-holding spindles: first spindle is processing flat blanks by diamond tool with grain size as D76 - D126, the second spindle is processing spherical surface by diamond tool with grain size as D15 - D20 till finished size of customer's requirement. Workholding of flat blank is fulfilling with the help of vacuum or mechanical clamps.

Grinding powders, rejected items, chips, used-on metal-cutting oil are gathering on each mechanical processing operation and conveying to the decomposition for recycling.